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Making Money Online Has Never Been Easier Than Now!


 10 List Building Strategies To grow your list Quickly

Put these list building techniques in action now  and watch your opt-in go thrugh the roof.

First Your big 3 most important needs for growing your list at warp speed.
a. You must have an autoresponder.

b. You must have a squeeze page.

c.You must have a name and email
   address capture form on you squeeze page.

Look any where  onine at internet marketing and you will get the idea of the importance of email list building in generating more sales and increasing profit. Just apply the tips and strategices  below if you want to get started with your own list building empire.


  • Here is the best way to gather the email addresses of your prospective subscribers.

Here is the Key to making your perspective visitors
irresistable to opting-in to your list.

Offer value and appearant quality and the resolve of your targeted group problems with high perceived benefits.

I call this approach to getting sign-up for your list the green door method. or more or less along the lines of the old tv show back in the 60's and 70's. CALLED WHATS BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. The players and the audience were held in anticipation with curosity to see what was the value and worth of the prize behind the green door.

This is the task of your squeeze page.
  *Choose a headline that speeks volumes
   about your not yet revealed offer on page two.
  * Make Bullet point benefits that describes
    their problem/s and rebut the problems
    with the answer, fixes, and cures to their
  * Make the bate's value irresistable for
    them to refuse to give you their (name,email)
  * List your free (thing) Gift, Give a way, or free
    training course, ebook, or video series-etc.

  * Clearly show the standard Price of your Free
     offer ie. This xyz ebook yours absolutly free
     ($97.00 value) Thousands of copies have
      been sold.  

  * List a scarcity factor. Tell your prospects that the
    free deal won't last much longer and they must
    act now before this free deal disapear forever.

 *   Tell your prospects that Many of todays top
      top level super online money makers started
      out much the same way that you are during
      right now: getting and using free and valuable
      useful information.    

 *   List  building at its best is about a little 
     persuadsion and a lot  of helpful, wholesome
     and valuable information and content for
     your prospects and prospective clainents

*  Persuade subscribers to sign up.

*  Provide some kind of incentive

Now here is the mechanics to build your list and to grow it into a mega list that will bring you friendships  and create sells and profits for your business for years to come.  

Your Autoresponder is the central vital part
in your list building system. It lets you automate
most of tasks.

 It allows the capture of email addresses to which you can send emails regularly. Most of the autoresponder services offer free trial to show you how their system works.


Most of the time, customers are tempted to sign-up because of the squeeze page where a web page offers you to fill out the form for email capture and some kind of incentive such as a free ebook or other gift

Send emails to your subscribers regularly

However, most of the autoresponder companies will charge you a certain fee for every lead.


 You are responsible for sending emails about your own products or associate products to your subscribers on a regular basis. Take note that you have to be considerate in the way you do it. Never overwhelm your subscribers with spam all the time or you will lose some of them in the process. In order to keep your customers' loyalty to your brand, you need to offer bonuses from time to time as well as helpful advice and tips.

These are just a few tips for your list building and email marketing. Most businesses who are just starting out with their list building will encounter the greatest challenge in how to make people subscribe to their list. In most cases, these are the most popular and effective methods:

 Always use a signature on your squeeze pages

Like many other promotion schemes, you need to send your squeeze page to as many people as possible and offer free bonuses to get them to sign up. Available also is  article marketing and forum posting where you can 
submit your articles for free.


You can also Buy opt-in leads from list building services that you  trust.


A lot of autoresponder services can help you get leads automatically at very reasonable costs. They can help you build a quality list in the shortest possible time fram

List building is a very powerful tool for many online marketing activities. But you also have to keep in mind that the time and work you exerted in building the list will be pointless if you don't build long-lasting relationships and value the people in your list.

Remember the brains of the list building system is an autoresponder.
So choose one that you like and trust and will do exactly what you want.
I use Aweber. It works really well. Other  IM marketers recommend it also.
You can get more information on it here:

Robert Peet is an online marketer and the owner of 5 internet
products websites.